Results and points table for the Welly.




9th June2013




On the Seas



Newquay really has a pulse as the Boys of Summer are in full swing down at the Rowing Club with some great races on beautiful seas. On Monday Dove, Fly, Good Intentand Active took to the water for the local race and were going neck and neck to the mark and as they went round the eastern mark Active inexplicably lost its rudder allowing a knowing smiling Derek Applewhite, coxswain of Fly, to push his rowers on and actually go round the mark for a change but it was the Good Intent which held sway for a good win. The winning coxswain was Tim Poole withhis crew of Ryan Bawden, Danny Tucker, Ross King, Richard Martin, Mark Barraclough and Brett Pender.

Friday night was round three of racing for the Welly Trophy and first up were the ladies and yet again it was a win for Dregs but the real race was between Rattlers and Fallen Angels and the Angels produced an outstanding performance as they narrowly but deservedly beat the defending champions, the Rattlers. The winning coxswain again was Tim Poole with Kelly Broderick, Nicola Davey, Fay Cattermoul, Natalie Silverthorn, Annie Oxenham and Jules Arthur.

The men had twelve, yes twelve crews, out for the trophy in two heats of six. In the top division it was Lost Boys who headed the way across the bay and they went in to the mark in first place but came out fourth as they lost their rudder and headed for Whipsiddery allowing the oh so innocent Baldies coxswain, Paul Taylor,to take his crew in to the lead and they were being chased by Jesters who won last time out. The Baldies number 5, Magnum, urged his crew to "row like Donald Duck and up it to super turbo!" and the crew responded brilliantly as they kept the same stroke rate with less power allowing a Jesters overlap but with plenty of weight in the stern the Good Intent rode the seas well on the home leg to come clear for a great win as the Baldies held on to win from Jesters, who managed to find yet another top A crew rower from somewhere to fill in, with the 5 Hobblers and a Wobbler crew in 3rd spot from the smarting Lost Boys. The Billies stayed up as they comfortably had 5th spot from a somewhat off the pace Bolster Boys crew. This was a great win for the Baldies who are the longest serving historical Welly crew now in their 19th year! Yet again the Baldies showed that whilst form is temporary, class is permanent! The winning coxswain was Paul Taylor with Steve Webber, Mark Morris, Jim Ferguson, Danny Beckerleg, Del Sutherland and Brett Pender. So in the top tier after three rounds three different crews have won the race but so far not the defending 5 Hobblers and a Wobbler crew!

In division two it was great to see six crews in the race but what oh what were the Underdogz doing down there and they were less than happy after being surprisingly relegated last time. Matt King was so confident he was happy to take a skiff or a skip but they had Active and were eventually comfortable winners but they were really in a race up to the first mark with the Wannabees but their coxswain, Derek Applewhite, failed to negotiate the tricky eastern mark despite three attempts to try and go round it and in the end he just gave up and pulled the flag out of the buoy in frustration and as a trophy. In fairness it is always a tricky tight turn especially when you have only got thousands of miles of open sea between you and the mark. This allowed Drifters, Dinosaurs and Survivors to row through them but in all fairness to the Wannabees they eventually chased down and just pipped the Survivors on the line. The winning coxswain was Steve Jones with his Underdogz crew of Rob Wrigley, Mark Rea, TimPoole, Matt King, Mark Barraclough and Jonny Dacey.

I think everyone agrees that with the incredibly well supported local races and the awesome Welly Trophy nights plus the away day regattas then without a doubt this year is proving to be a simply awesome oarsome year of rowing!