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Newquay Rowing Club was formed in 1921 with the first rowing season in 1922. The club started with the three old gigs, Newquay(built in 1812), Dove (1820) and Treffry(1838).


Apart from the Isles of Scilly, Newquay was the last port in Cornwall to have pilot gigs. Gig racing was a long established sport in Newquay before 1922. During the 1830`s, 40`s and 50`s gig racing had become a popular sport all around Cornwall, often with considerable amounts of prize money going to the winning crews.


By the 1880`s gig racing in Cornwall was in decline, the industrial revolution was under way and engines were replacing sail and oar. Gigs around Cornwall were left to rot or were broken up, but Newquay was fortunate enough to retain some of its gigs. Others like the Teazer (ex Zoe Treffry) being classed as "worthless wrecks" and lost. The Teazer was sold and eventually cut in two and used as chicken houses.


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